About Me

Hey, I am Markus Hatvan, a full stack developer, Calisthenics enthusiast, craft beer lover, and biohacker. I created this website to be visible on the web as a developer and to share the knowledge that I gathered over the years. I care a lot about website performance, accessibility and clean code practices like linting and formatting.

I want to provide value to the public and share my thoughts. I wrote an article explaining my reasons why I started this blog .

Facts about me

  • does 16-8 intermittent fasting pretty much every day
  • keeps a growing list of over ~100 beers that he drank
  • did a smoothie cleanse for 10 days
  • loves to go to metal concerts & drum and bass shows
  • invests in the stock market and owns ~30 crypto coins
  • goes everywhere with his mountain bike
  • tries to improve everyday life with zero waste options
  • enjoys going for a barefoot hike on mountains
  • can do a full split
  • loves to go ice swimming or having a cold shower
  • loves to play video games on the hardest difficulty

Current office setup

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